The Weaver

The Weaver short film aims to capture the unique spirit of Sophia Campbell, a British willow coffin artisan. 

By weaving together living elements she creates a tangible connection between life and death. 

Find out more about Sophia’s work at www.facebook.com/weavefutures

Produced and directed by Miriam van Emst 


Parcelforce Side Hustle

Originals Series – Side Hustle, Wovenfarewell’s Sophia is an incredible mother, entrepreneur and woman. We wanted to showcase how Parcelforce supports Sophia in her endeavors. 

I felt there was more to her story than this film alone allowed so please see my short film The Weaver for my attempt at capturing her essence. 

American Express

Working at Amex – A series of 4 brand films I produced and directed across Europe, including, London, France, Spain and Germany. 

Will.i.am feat. Lady Leshurr, Lioness & Ms Banks - Pretty Little Thing

The  Pretty Little Thing music video, shot throughout 3 days in London. Directed by Shadae Lamar Smith and shot by Joel Honeywell. 


In 2005, Connected Pictures made a ten-part documentary for the BBC about chef Oliver Rowe, setting up a restaurant in Kings Cross and sourcing all his food from within London. The series was a global success, showing around the world for many years after. Since then, the seasonal and local food landscape has exploded. 

However, Oliver’s journey hasn’t been quite as smooth in 2018 he wrote a book called ‘A Food for All Seasons’ about his relationship with food.

 Stephen Ashwell and myself,  caught up with Ollie on his journey so far and  the important role food has played throughout his life.

The Fratellis

I’ve been blind.

This musical video was a labor of love, together with directors Bouscher and Gee, myself as producer and Rufus in Art, we put our heart, soul and a lot of our finances in this film. We were very proud of the outcome. 


HeForShe Arts Week



Molton Brown

Orange and Bergamot


Health Tech & You Heroes | Walk with Path


A New Brand Journey


Yammer Case Study

Molton Brown

A Show Of Stars

Virgin Trains


Molton Brown

Into The Uncharted

Molton Brown

The Patisserie Parlour


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