Creative Producer. Director.

I’m Miriam, a bundle of energy, enthusiasm and pizazz.

To put it simply, I don’t want to just make things, I want to change the way we see the world. This is my raison d’etre and why I became a producer and director, to tell the stories that need to be seen and heard. Doing so from a unique perspective, that of a mixed-race, single-parent household and self-made woman, me. This is my narrative and has shaped my purpose, I’m proud of it.

I am interested in all types of production and have worked on dramas, commercials, documentaries, reality television shows, and corporate films with brands such as Amazon, Unilever, Molton Brown and Virgin.

I pride myself on having created films for NGO’s such as UN Women and World Vision because it is important to me to create work for organizations that help make the planet a better place.

Recently, I have moved to Vancouver, Canada and while here, I have worked on scripted narratives, for productions such as CBC’s The Twilight Zone, Netflix’s There’s Someone Inside Your House and Neil Blomkamp’s upcoming feature, Unlocked.

So what makes me special? Well, I bring passion and out of the box creativity to every project i work on. I fundamentally believe that relationships are what shape our lives, our stories and the stories we tell.

As such my aim is to bring out the best in people and their stories. I do this by striving to make every contributor, client, crew member, and colleague feel as comfortable as possible to ensure the best results and create a space for their creativity to shine.

If we want to change the narrative, we not only have to change how we tell the stories, we have to change who tell our stories. So get in touch if you want to join me.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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